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Blood Elf carrying Anathema. Anathema is an epic staff, and the Shadow version of [Benediction]. Source. This item is created by using [Benediction]. If you are looking to buy Anathema Horde gold, it is in stock. Update: June 5, 2019 10:05 AM. We are enabling pages for every Classic Vanilla WoW Server, including all languages English, German, French, Spanish and all realm-types: PvP, PvE, RP and RP-PvP. cheap Classic WoW Gold for Anathema is available for sale.

06/08/2017 · Hey. I started making this movie on Anathema a while back before AQ40 was released, but i wasn't happy with the outcome of it since i didn't have alot of clips. Shortly after AQ40 was released on the server i quit playing on Anathema. Benediction is the reward from the Priest epic quest line in Vanilla WoW. It is an epic quality staff, and it is the healer version of the staff, as it can also be turned into [Anathema], the Shadow Priest version.

BEST PRICE WITH 100% Safety Guarantee - Gold for the Anathema PvP realm of the Elysium Vanilla WoW Project. Available for Alliance & Horde. 12/10/2019 · Its got the no nonsense feel of Vanilla Guilds. While we are not Day 3 level capped or week 1 Full Clear guild we are focused on recruiting quality like minded players that want to make the most of their time for enjoyment and progression through content. Shunye-anathema. We know Vanilla Classic inside-out and you can feel confident by placing an order with us - this version of the game is where we excell at. We have successfully sold over 3000 accounts in the past years, and provided gold to over 15000 different customers across all Vanilla WoW realms.

To get Benediction/Anathema,. I don't think it was the case in early Vanilla years back. Comment by Antritha Not sure if it will help anyone but here is my. Priest Healer Best in Slot Guide Classic WoW Molten Core Loot Guide Tips' Classic WoW Anathema and Benediction Guide - Iconic Priest Weapon WoW Classic Best Priest Weapons. Comment by chyp A few steps in how to get Benediction: 1. Get a guild that's raiding MCMolten Core 2. Kill Majordomo, he spawns a chest, Eye of Divinity needed for making Benediction has a chance to drop from that chest, after you got this eye, you get a lvl 60 group and go to Southern Winterspring, and start killing the demons! Benediction is a epic Two-hand Staff with a damage of 134 - 222 59.33 DPS, and a speed of 3. It has a required level of 60 and item-level of 75. This item is added in world of warcraft classic content phase: 1. I could not agree with you more. I've been playing World of Warcraft since practically its inception. If you never played in Vanilla it is very unwise to try and talk about the current WoW and the old WoW, it is like comparing generations, it cannot be done. For starters Classic WoW.

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